Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance

Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance


  1. Rhaegar1 says:

    Here is the best argument for a true universal healthcare sys. Even if
    universal healthcare was worse Plenty of people get a complete shit deck of
    cards when it comes to their health and it is impossible for them to pay
    the outrageous amount of debt they get into. Born with some rare genetic
    disorder? Several life long conditions? What You fell into a coma for 5
    years? What you have a chronic debilitating illness? Disabled? Oh your
    fucked in our current system for the rest of your life.

  2. jtrrs0 says:

    4:26 Did you mention that if the government didn’t pay for any service you
    taxes would be lower??

  3. jtrrs0 says:

    3:05 Have you ever tried Private police, Fire Dept. ??

  4. bigwamps1 says:

    48M PPL uninsured- 2012 census
    $8,834 anual health care cost for 64 year old male with prexiting condition
    -AARP Website
    $759B CBO report on cost of ACA -dated 14 may 2013
    cost to insure 48M ppl at the rate of a 64 year old = $335B
    cost to insure 48M ppl at National avrave rate= $265B
    that seems rather high overhead 45-65% so where is the rest of the money
    going? a small part is going to expanding medacaid and CHIP$ 74B. and set
    up $114B and expantion of IRS and HHS $59B puts us at$ 582B
    The CBO Also estimates by 2019 25 Million PPL will still be uninsured.
    maybe im missing somthig but this plan sound bad if we do socilaized
    Medical we need to be much better with the money.?

  5. James Valenti says:

    government runs police and water treatment well? lmfao have you seen the
    rising amount of police brutality and water flouridation? free market works
    so much better than socialized medicine. dont be so quick to demonize free
    markets when we havent had one in 30 years?