Understanding COBRA Health Insurance

Understanding COBRA Health Insurance


  1. 1jakstat says:

    if cobra is expensive get urself bitten by pit or viper !!!!!

  2. SuperSm1th says:

    cobra is a rip off it’s cheaper to buy your own insurance

  3. D Wetick says:

    NPR today had a woman with 2 small children whose monthly premium is
    $2039.00/ month…who the hell can afford that! You Cobra people are
    absolutely out of your minds! No Government subsidy for you profiteering
    cocksuckers, thats for sure!

  4. jbage007 says:

    How very shortsighted of you people (Kiplinger) to blatantly promote the
    services of ONE online insurance agency (ehealth). The fact of the matter
    is that ehealth is one of the worst places to shop for health plans,
    especially if you are looking for unbiased advice AND the largest selection
    of plans. In many states now, for example, ehealth refuses to show rates
    for the local Blue Cross plans. Wonder why? Hmmm, could it have something
    to do with lowest commissions paid?? C’mon Kiplinger.

  5. Sally Chamberlain says:

    I can’t get my own health insurance because of prexisting conditions

  6. fantamas06 says:

    What about an employee who got disability through CA state EDD which pays
    $800.00 per month, and her employer offered COBRA continuity health
    insurance+ dental and vision for $507.00 per month. How could this person
    now live with $300.00 a month?

  7. LeadingtheEd says:

    Should this be pulled down and updated with Obamacare info?

  8. ap3705 says:

    Family guy brought me here, and now I know! And knowing is half the battle.?