TOP 5 FAVORITE | Diet/Health Books

TOP 5 FAVORITE | Diet/Health Books


  1. LizCaro says:

    It’s really encouraging to hear just a little about your journey. You are
    such a beautiful, healthy woman and to hear that you have struggled with
    your weight in the past gives me hope that I can really lose the extra
    weight I myself have been carrying around. Thank you! Love your videos. :)

  2. Tati says:

    I have been in the past but right now I’m not – I don’t eat a lot of meat –
    but I aim to eat high quality meats when I do … I am not on any one
    diet/plan – I just try at every meal to make it as healthy as possible ; D
    Thanks for watching!

  3. Marla Simmons says:

    tati if u don’t mind me asking how young are u?

  4. rhrh127 says:

    Great video. I own the first four books, will def. checkout the last one
    and yay for public libraries :)

  5. bob bib says:

    You should bring back your health channel, bringing healthy back!!!!