Departments Working Hand In Hand For Health Assurance

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The letter that the Utah planning division gave to the Utah Division of Health was pertaining to concern of the former on the sewage disposal system being observed in the developing areas of the county.

The officers requested for a long term plan for the execution of in depth research that can identify the unsafe level of the septic tanks in building recreational areas. They also asked if any information is available, or if they knew of any that would be available in the future which could help the planning commission in the development approval process.

The Deputy Director of the local health office came back saying no known plans to adversely change the situation of the environment or the lives of the citizens. A special mention was made on the demands included in the Utah State Code of Waste minimum requirement for wastewater, as he continues speaking about their mindfulness for disposal of human and other domestic wastes.

These demands will control the installation of underwater drainage to places where the amount of acceptable soil is enough. A soil is considered up to code in description if wastewater can be rightly apportioned from surface and ground water under it, thus giving the wastes ample time to be passably purified.

The state has a negligible ability to reinforce in Utah County the requirements of the code. Should there be any apprehension pertaining to the use of individual wastewater disposal systems from the public officials and Utah County residents, a more uptight protocol on top of the state code will be adopted.

The specified land for these systems will be controlled in number because of these requirements. They can be a notch stricter about the soil classification, set a better separation of wastewater from ground and surface waters, and reinforce other boundaries that are deemed important to prevent health problems.

One of the most efficacious procedures to limit the utilization of septic tanks and drain fields is for the city and county administrators to work hand in hand with the local health department in disciplining particular property owners when they fail to meet the code requirements.

It is a common sight for local commissioners to miss the point of the local health agency for not permitting an individual to install a wastewater system on a certain property even with the obvious shortcoming of the said person with regard to the requirements of the Code of Waste Disposal Regulations.

Obviously, the Deputy Director continues to say that enforcement of these requirements necessitates strong local involvement.

He highlights the need for the State Division of Heath to have funds in order to continue a research to able to tell the safety limits of septic tanks and absorption systems that will benefit not only Utah County but all other states as well.

He has offered voluntary help in his writing should the Utah County intend to a research such as this and they will be more than willing to cooperate. He firmly believes that there will be considerable effect if only the rules we currently have will be imposed.

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