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A Mo-vember Timelapse Movie
Every November thousands of men grow moustaches to help raise awareness about prostate cancer. This video documents my journey into exquisite mo-luxury.

The movie is in HD 1080p – Play it full screen to take it all in!

If you live long enough (and are male) you will get prostate cancer. Please donate to support prostate cancer research, it’s tax deductible:

I thank you, and my prostate thanks you.

Music Credit:
[Black Samba (Juanitos) / CC BY-SA 2.0]

health symptoms
Joplin Missouri — zygomycosis is an aggressive fungal infection (June 10, 2011) …item 4.. Florida Dept. of Health Responds to TB Reports — Harris calls it business as usual. (Updated: Wed 8:04 AM, Jul 11, 2012) …
A stubborn and deadly outbreak of tuberculosis in the Jacksonville area is prompting Florida to team up with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to battle the disease, but state health officials insist the situation is under control.

The TB outbreak is linked to 13 deaths and nearly 100 illnesses since 2004, mainly among homeless people. It’s estimated about 3,000 people have been exposed to the contagious disease.

Florida asked the CDC for help with the TB cluster in February but not because the situation was out of control, according to Dr. Steven Harris of the state Department of Health. Harris calls it business as usual.

He says the cluster of TB cases did not warrant a public warning because the state did not consider it a public health hazard.

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Infectious disease specialist Dr. Uwe (YOO’-ee) Schmidt says three of the five patients treated for zygomycosis at Freeman Health System in Joplin have died. But noted all the patients had health problems including multiple traumas and pneumonia.
…..item 1)…. Survivors of Joplin Tornado Contract Fungal Infection

Posted: Jun 10, 2011 9:57 AM by Associated Press
Updated: Jun 10, 2011 9:57 AM…

JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) — A Missouri doctor says his hospital treated five Joplin tornado victims for a rare fungal infection sometimes found in survivors of natural disasters.

Zygomycosis is an aggressive fungal infection that can be caused by soil or vegetative material becoming embedded under the skin. It’s now known as mucormycosis.

It’s more prevalent in people with weakened immune systems but can affect healthy people who suffer trauma.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Uwe (YOO’-ee) Schmidt says three of the five patients treated for zygomycosis at Freeman Health System in Joplin have died. But noted all the patients had health problems including multiple traumas and pneumonia.

The state health department says it’s received reports of eight suspected deep-skin fungal infections among Joplin tornado victims. She says all sustained trauma from the tornado.
…..item 2)…. CBS NEWS … Fungal infection strikes Joplin tornado victims

June 10, 2011 3:18 AM….


img code photo……

Lamar, Mo., residents Aaron Finney, foreground, Kieran Hanley, right, and Trevor Hobbs, left, help Missouri State Rep. Mike Kelley (126th District) move a porch into a debris pile, June 8, 2011, in Joplin, Mo. (AP)

(AP) JOPLIN, Mo. – An aggressive fungus is striking Joplin tornado victims, contributing to a handful of deaths.
Doctors told the Springfield News-Leader that at least nine survivors may have contracted blood-vessel invading zygomycosis infections.

Overall numbers weren’t available. The Springfield-Greene County Health Department declined to release them, citing patient privacy concerns.

Video: Elephant assists in Joplin tornado disaster clean-up
All accounted for, Joplin final death toll tops 130
Photos: Tornado destruction in Joplin

Kendra Williams, of the health department, says the common fungus likely came from soil or vegetative materials imbedded in the skin by the tornado.

After the tornado, Freeman Health System in Joplin treated more than 1,700 patients. An infectious disease specialist there, Dr. Uwe Schmidt, says some wounds that were stitched up in that rush of patients had to be reopened because they weren’t adequately cleaned and had debris in them.
…..item 3)…. FLORIDA TODAY NEWSPAPER …. …. Meth fills hospitals with burn patients

4:59 PM, Jan. 23, 2012


USA Today News
USA Today Nation|newswell|text|Home|p
…..item 4)…. WCTV News … … Coverage You Can Count On !

Posted: Wed 3:50 AM, Jul 11, 2012 Reporter: The News Service of Florida
Updated: Wed 8:04 AM, Jul 11, 2012Back to Home Page
VIDEO: Florida Dept. of Health Responds to TB Reports

July 11, 2012 –…

Responding to media reports that he called "outrageous," a top Florida health official late Monday said prudent steps have already been taken to contain what federal investigators have described as the largest outbreak of tuberculosis anywhere in the United States in the past 20 years.

Florida Department of Health officials said a spike in TB cases among homeless people in Jacksonville is being aggressively addressed and recent media reports that the outbreak has been kept secret are not justified. "After these inaccurate reports, it is important for the public to know, the number of TB cases in Florida has been trending downward for several years," said Dr. Steven Harris, DOH deputy secretary for health.

"The increase in this particular strain of non-drug resistant TB has affected approximately 99 people over the past eight years." Harris was responding to a news story first published in The Palm Beach Post and then picked up by other publications. The story related to an April report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention following a surge in cases of the highly contagious disease that appeared to be clustered in a homeless shelter, a jail and an outpatient mental health clinic in downtown Jacksonville.

The CDC report raised alarm by noting that the outbreak, first detected in 2009, represented the largest such TB flare-up the CDC had been involved with since the 1990s. The report went on to say most of the potentially infected persons remain undetected and highly mobile, a combination that makes it more difficult to contain and treat the disease, which requires a relatively long and deliberate regiment of drugs and can become resistant.

The report came as state health officials were in the process of closing down A.G. Holley State Hospital in Palm Beach County, the state’s last facility dedicated to tuberculosis treatment. Lawmakers involved in the closure have said they had no knowledge of the CDC report. Slated for closure by the end of the year, state health officials accelerated the process and closed the facility six months early.

"I think the two issues are separate," said Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, and chairman of a key Senate health care committee, who said he was unaware of the CDC report, which came out after lawmakers had already completed their work and gone home.

video … 07-10-12 DOH SEC ON JAX TUBER


A stubborn and deadly outbreak of tuberculosis in the Jacksonville area is prompting Florida to team up with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to battle the disease, but state health officials insist the situation is under control. The TB outbreak is linked to 13 deaths and nearly 100 illnesses since 2004, mainly among homeless people. It’s estimated about 3,000 people have been exposed to the contagious disease.

Now state and federal health workers are trying to track down as many of those people as possible to check for symptoms of TB, including cough, fever, sweats and weight loss.

Florida asked the CDC for help with the TB cluster in February but not because the situation was out of control, according to Dr. Steven Harris of the state Department of Health. Harris calls it business as usual. He says the cluster of TB cases did not warrant a public warning because the state did not consider it a public health hazard.

health symptoms
Twenty Reasons Why Porridge Is The Ultimate Health Food……..
I must have my porriage every morning, summer and winter.
Good for you, plus keeps the tummy satisfied all morning.
Swirls of pure Canadian maple syrup all over the top…oh! so yummy!
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Twenty reasons why porridge is the ultimate health food……..
(I’m not sure why reason # 1 is at the top of this list. #20 comes first with me at my age! Alas, a cup of tea is more appealing when I first wake up in the morning. Then I’m wide awake so bound out of bed to prepare and enjoy my porridge)

Porridge oats can boost libido by helping to re-balance testosterone and oestrogen in the body. Testosterone drives sexual desire in both sexes. Men with low testosterone levels go off sex.
Oats neutralise acidity levels in the body and help absorb toxins. Since a hangover is the result of the "poisonous" effects of alcohol, a bowl of porridge might help relieve the symptoms.
Porridge also contains one of the highest levels of soluble fibre of any cereal. Soluble fibre is essential for healthy digestion. Since alcohol depletes sugar levels, the slow-releasing carbohydrates in porridge help redress this.
Compounds in oats can help calm the nervous system and reduce the craving for nicotine.
Bathing in oat-based solutions can help problem skin. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the anti-inflammatory compounds in porridge oats can help conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Fill a sock or stocking with porridge oats and place in water for 20 minutes while bathing.
Of all the cereals, porridge has the best proportion of protein needed for growth and repair in the body and to help boost the immune system.
Many studies have shown that eating fibre-rich food such as porridge reduces the risk of heart disease. But scientists in the U.S. found that porridge contains avenanthramides – chemicals that stop blood cells sticking to artery walls, preventing the fatty deposits that cause heart disease.
Digested foods such as porridge might cut the risk of developing non-insulin dependent diabetes by absorbing sugar from the gut and cutting the need for large quantities of insulin to be released.
The slow releasing complex carbohydrates in oats sustain energy levels, allowing full concentration to be maintained. Complex carbohydrates also stabilise and raise blood sugar levels.
Porridge is high in Vitamin B6, which promotes the brain chemical serotonin. High levels of serotonin are associated with feelings of well-being and also aid relaxation and restful sleep. Levels of serotonin dip when sunlight is limited – i.e. during winter – and can lead to the depressive condition Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Porridge oats are high in complex carbohydrates and soluble fibre, which means they release energy slowly. A bowl of porridge should provide all the energy you need until lunchtime.
A study of 10,000 children by researchers at New York’s Columbia University found that among those who regularly ate whole-oat products, the proportion of overweight children almost halved.
Researchers at Oxford Brookes University also found that those eating foods with a low glycaemic index (GI), such as porridge, were less likely to binge on sugary snacks. Foods with a low GI rating release glucose into the body more slowly and evenly, leaving you feeling fuller for longer.
Porridge is rich in soluble fibre, which has been shown to lower blood cholesterol. High cholesterol occurs when fat builds up and constricts the arteries, reducing blood flow to the heart. Eating oats can improve blood flow and bind to cholesterol in the gut, aiding its removal from the body. Scientists think the cholesterol-lowering effects of oats are due to the oat soluble fibre beta-glucan.
High-fibre foods such as porridge increase the movement of food through the digestive tract.
This increased bowel action provides a good environment for beneficial bacteria in the gut to ferment while decreasing levels of destructive bacteria.
Porridge oats are blended with milk, making an excellent source of calcium which is essential for bone health. Lack of calcium can lead to osteoporosis, which involves a loss of bone density and can make bones fragile.
Porridge oats are 100 per cent natural, with no added sugar, salt or additives, and are naturally low in calories. An average bowl of porridge made with water contains 171 calories.
Porridge is a source of folic acid. Studies have shown that taking folic acid from before conception until the 12th week of pregnancy can reduce the chances of having a baby with spina bifida. Pregnant women need 400mcg of folic acid a day.
Oats are rich in the antioxidant vitamin E, which protects the body from the damaging free radicals that can cause cancer. A diet high in soluble fibre foods such as porridge oats might also help reduce the chances of developing bowel, colon and breast cancer.
Porridge is a good source of manganese, which is essential in allowing the body to produce energy as well as helping to build bones and connective tissue. It also contains zinc, which is needed for normal growth, sexual development and reproduction, and a healthy immune system.
A daily serving of oats can improve blood pressure control and reduce the need for anti-hypertensive medication, according to U.S. researchers – 73 per cent of those fed a wholegrain oat-based cereal (containing 3g of soluble fibre) stopped or reduced their blood pressure medication by half.
Britain’s longest living man, David Henderson, from Montrose, Scotland, who died in 1998 at 109, attributed his age and good health to a daily bowl of porridge. This could be because the lipids present in oats contain a good balance of essential fatty acids which have been linked to longevity and general good health.
Research by: Angela Epstein

Will My Private Health Insurance Cover Me Against Swine Flu?

private health cover

Swine influenza is a respiratory disease in pigs. The original virus spread to humans and has since been passed from person to person, with a number of reported cases now in the UK. There is no evidence that the disease has been found in pigs in the UK. The fact that the disease has now spread to humans in a number of different countries means that it is now in danger of becoming a pandemic flu outbreak. The word ‘pandemic’ refers to the fact that the virus is widespread, rather than the level of threat to humans.

Cold and flu viruses are spread by coughing and sneezing, and therefore the Government has released guidelines on preventing the spread of the wine flu virus by disposing of tissues hygienically and covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing. The UK’s plan for dealing with the virus has been identified as one of the best by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and there is a large stockpile of antiviral drugs including ‘Tamiflu’ and Relenza’ which help to reduce the symptoms of swine flu.

Is this covered by my private health insurance policy?

According to the largest health providers, a case of swine flu would officially be covered under a private medical insurance policy, because it is a new, rather than a pre-existing medical condition. However, and this is a big however, many private hospitals would be reluctant to admit you with early symptoms of swine flu because of the duty of care they have to other resident patients.  Because Accident and Emergency facilities fall under the remit of the NHS, private hospitals are primarily set up for planned treatment, with little or no resources to deal with accidents or emergencies. 

Therefore, you should make an appointment with your GP in the first instance, or to Accident and Emergency if your case is severe. If you then feel that you would prefer to be looked after privately, you should contact your insurer and request that a consultant takes on your case. If this consultant, having examined you, feels that you need to be admitted to hospital, this can be arranged through the insurer. It is definitely worth double-checking with your insurer however, as if you contracted the illness from travelling to a country to which the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) had advised ‘only essential travel’ this may invalidate your claim.

Access to Swine Flu medication

According to the NHS, “Arrangements are being put in place with local healthcare services for antivirals to be made available to those who need them”. You cannot easily get Tamiflu and Relenza on a private prescription, but an NHS prescription will come from the stockpile that the government has made available on a regional basis. Therefore it is much better (and cheaper) to use NHS resources. Under no circumstances should you attempt to source the drugs online, because you will have no guarantee of the authenticity of the medication or that it has been stored in the correct conditions.

How do I recognise the symptoms of swine flu?

The symptoms of swine flu are similar to those of ordinary seasonal flu. However, due to the fact that this is a new virus and therefore that the general population has little or no immunity, the symptoms may be more serious and cause more complications if treatment is not sought quickly. Symptoms include a cough, sudden fever, aching mucles, a sore throat, diarrhoea and sneezing. Most flu sufferers can be cared for effectively at home. However, if your symptoms worsen, contact NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or make an appointment with your local GP. Please note that unless a pandemic has been announced, it may also be that you have seasonal flu.

Nice Google Health photos

A few nice google health images I found:

google health
the (health) gang’s all here!
at Markle Foundation’s Personal Health Record conference. Peter Neupert, Microsoft; Ted Eytan, Group Health
Cooperative (Seattle); Paul Sheils, Aetna. And oh yes, we were all assembled to hear Adam Bosworth of Google.
google health
google flu trends 09
since i am going to tx later this month, maybe i should get that flu shot after all…
google health
Unfortunate Google Ads
Saw that on New York Times online. Didn’t know that breastfeeding was a disease that needed a treatment.

Virginia’s Health Insurance Marketplace -The Basics (Aug 15 2013)

Virginia’s Health Insurance Marketplace -The Basics (Aug 15 2013)

Cool Children Health Insurance images

Some cool children health insurance images:

children health insurance
State Senator Joseph Crisco, left, welcomes to the podium Kèala Ott, a young patient with an emerging condition called Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strepptococcal (PANDAS), at a Capitol press conference. Senator Crisco’s Insurance Committee had just completed an Informational forum on PANDAS at which physicians and affected family members reinforced the need for standardized testing, diagnostic procedures, and insurance coverage for PANDAS patients. (March 1, 2013)
children health insurance
Sarah Palin does NOT Understand “Special Children”!
After tonight’s final debate between Obama and McCain, I could not stand it anymore to hear cloying praise for Sarah Palin, (McCain’s Vice-Presidential running mate) as "understanding special children". GIve me a break, her "special needs" child is only 6 months old, most of these months spent without the direct care of his mother because she is off on her political crusade.

This is one of the worst examples of "morality" I have ever seen, to sacrifice the needs of your child for a higher purpose of political gain in a pursuit for office. I’ve had two previous political compositions that question the new "FAMILY VALUES" that the Republicans now espouse. Since the Republicans co-opted the term "family values", we now see just how malleable this rallying term is: just having a "challenge" in your family is enough to identify you as "understanding"???

Points about the health care crisis in America:

1. That ,000 credit McCain proposes for a family towards purchasing health insurance assumes the family is wealthy enough to have the other ,000 (average health insurance plan for a family) to SPEND on health insurance.

2. Oh, does the family have a parent employed in a company that still provides a health insurance plan?

3. The full ,000 health plan covered by an employer that provides it is TAXABLE income. Thus, if your salary is ,000 a year gross pay, you will now be taxed on ,000 gross pay.

4. The McCain plan will do more to guarantee that fewer American companies will provide health insurance coverage.

5. The folks that do not NOW work for an employer that provides a health insurance plan are still SOL (sorry outta luck).

6. The idea that a family can just go out and find private insurance when a family has a family member who has a "pre-existing condition" is ludicrous. In the 12 years my family had NO health insurance because NO private insurer would cover us, my family had to stay at or below Poverty Level in order that my one son could have Medicaid.

7. The average plan in the few states that have health insurance for those with "pre-existing conditions" costs currently 0 to ,000 per month. So, how many families in this situation have that money to spend on health insurance?

8. That point about "taking your health plan with you" when you change jobs or change states when you move? Sure you can do this, only your premium skyrockets.

And finally, to my final frustration over the "sympathy" given to the Palin family for their baby with Down Syndrome: every educator and medical professional knows that the best chance for a positive future for a child born with a disability depends on the early years. There is no substitute for the care and nurturing a parent gives to this child from the start. Mrs. Palin has abandoned her five children in the pursuit of political ambition and is even using her family situation as a positive slant on her ability to understand the American people. Let me tell you I for one DO NOT ACCEPT this sick praise for Sarah Palin. It was offered tonight by both Obama and McCain and it is the last straw for me.

BTW, let’s see how well Palin’s family is doing in the next years when she is out of office, out of her current insurance coverage, and the cute baby has more obvious needs and challenges. This message has been brought to you by a mother of a child who still averages about ,000 per month for medical expenses after 29 years. Let the politicians ask ME to advise them on health care coverage and on the need for early childhood education and what needs to be fixed in American public schools. My son graduated from high school with a diploma because of the advocacy and hard work of he, his parents and his brothers. And it was very hard work, at great, great personal sacrifice to us all.

children health insurance
Healthy Me Bicycling
Donghyeon Lee, 10 years old, 5th grade, Bellflower, CA, "Healthy Me Bicycling"

My neighbor, who is a 5-year old little girl, has had heart problems since birth and in pain frequently, but she isn’t able to get treatments for her heart because she doesn’t have any insurance to cover it. Her father is here studying and can’t afford to buy insurance. Whenever I see her, I feel sorry for her… I’d like to become a doctor and help the poor. – Donghyun Lee, 5th grade, Bellflower, CA

Health tourism in Israel

Health tourism in Israel

Health Insurance for College Students

children health insurance

As your child prepares to head off to college, probably the last thing on his or her mind (and yours) is health insurance. But getting sick or injured away from home can be an unpleasant experience–more so if your child doesn’t know his or her health-care options. You’ll want to make sure that your child’s health insurance is in place before you pack up the car. There are basically two ways to insure your child’s health while at college: your family health plan or a health plan provided through the college.

Your family health plan

Most family health plans will cover your child until 20 to 24 years of age as a full-time student who’s still dependent on you, regardless of whether he or she lives at home. If you have a traditional indemnity plan (i.e., one that provides coverage no matter which doctor you choose), then your child should be able to see any doctor near campus, and your insurer should cover a certain percentage of the expenses as set forth in your plan. The situation is more complicated when you have a health maintenance organization (HMO) plan and your child’s college is not nearby. In this case, your child may need to schedule appointments with his or her primary care doctor during school breaks and other visits home. But it may be difficult or impossible for your child to visit his or her primary care doctor in an urgent situation.

If your child isn’t covered under your family health plan because he or she no longer fits the definition of a dependent child, your child may be eligible for coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). This is an individual plan that’s based on the benefits in your group plan. Under COBRA, your child will be eligible for coverage up to 36 months.

The college health plan

The other option is for you to purchase health insurance coverage through your child’s college. Many colleges offer low-cost health plans for students that may even be less expensive than continuing coverage through your existing family plan. These health plans, though not as comprehensive as some policies, are usually enough to get by on, even if your child becomes seriously ill or has a major accident. The reason that these plans are less expensive than your own plan is the cap they place on total benefits paid (e.g., $ 250,000). Make sure that you know what the maximum benefit is and that you’re comfortable having coverage up to that limit.

The cost and level of coverage of college health plans can vary greatly from one school to the next. Plans are usually designed specifically for each individual college, and the health services available on campus and in the community often determine what coverage the college can offer. State laws may also play a significant role in the cost and level of coverage.

Questions for your college health plan

Because college health plans can vary widely in their coverage, you’ll want to consider the following questions before you sign your child up:

Is the plan an HMO, or can your child use any health provider?
What services are offered free or at low cost in the campus health center?
Is the campus health center open 24 hours? How is it staffed?
Are emergency-room visits covered in all situations or only in specific situations?
Does the plan cover your child when he or she is on vacation (e.g., spring break)?
Does the plan cover your child during the summer?
Are hospitals in the college area accessible and utilized?
Does the plan include mental health treatment?
What pre-existing conditions are excluded?
Are there deductibles and coinsurance to be paid?
What is the maximum benefit amount?


Health Articles

Health Articles

Health News Articles.flv

Departments Working Hand In Hand For Health Assurance

assurance health

The letter that the Utah planning division gave to the Utah Division of Health was pertaining to concern of the former on the sewage disposal system being observed in the developing areas of the county.

The officers requested for a long term plan for the execution of in depth research that can identify the unsafe level of the septic tanks in building recreational areas. They also asked if any information is available, or if they knew of any that would be available in the future which could help the planning commission in the development approval process.

The Deputy Director of the local health office came back saying no known plans to adversely change the situation of the environment or the lives of the citizens. A special mention was made on the demands included in the Utah State Code of Waste minimum requirement for wastewater, as he continues speaking about their mindfulness for disposal of human and other domestic wastes.

These demands will control the installation of underwater drainage to places where the amount of acceptable soil is enough. A soil is considered up to code in description if wastewater can be rightly apportioned from surface and ground water under it, thus giving the wastes ample time to be passably purified.

The state has a negligible ability to reinforce in Utah County the requirements of the code. Should there be any apprehension pertaining to the use of individual wastewater disposal systems from the public officials and Utah County residents, a more uptight protocol on top of the state code will be adopted.

The specified land for these systems will be controlled in number because of these requirements. They can be a notch stricter about the soil classification, set a better separation of wastewater from ground and surface waters, and reinforce other boundaries that are deemed important to prevent health problems.

One of the most efficacious procedures to limit the utilization of septic tanks and drain fields is for the city and county administrators to work hand in hand with the local health department in disciplining particular property owners when they fail to meet the code requirements.

It is a common sight for local commissioners to miss the point of the local health agency for not permitting an individual to install a wastewater system on a certain property even with the obvious shortcoming of the said person with regard to the requirements of the Code of Waste Disposal Regulations.

Obviously, the Deputy Director continues to say that enforcement of these requirements necessitates strong local involvement.

He highlights the need for the State Division of Heath to have funds in order to continue a research to able to tell the safety limits of septic tanks and absorption systems that will benefit not only Utah County but all other states as well.

He has offered voluntary help in his writing should the Utah County intend to a research such as this and they will be more than willing to cooperate. He firmly believes that there will be considerable effect if only the rules we currently have will be imposed.

More Assurance Health Articles

Cool Health Survey images

Check out these health survey images:

health survey
male call
some of the humans i know in real life know that i work broadly in the sexual health arena. one of the groups i am affiliated with is conducting a survey of men’s sexual health, so i came up with a couple of images for them to use in getting the word out about the study. the concept and design work are mine, as are the hands and other body parts, and the shot was taken by a friend on, of all things, a cellphone camera.

what is malecall, and who should partcipate? malecall is a national, bilingual study that aims to recruit six thousand men for a confidential, toll-free telephone survey. potential study participants can call 1-855-846-MALE (6253) to confidentially and anonymously take the survey. the lines will be open until the end of january 2012. hours: 10am to 1am monday to friday, noon to 8pm on weekends. you can also look them up on facebook, and the team is smart, engaged and very easy to talk to.

health survey
364/365 – NZ Health Survey
I took part in the NZ Health Survey today
health survey
Check your email for invite to take health survey
The following is from TRU Wellness…

The TRU Wellness Centre is asking that TRU students check their myTRU email accounts on Monday, March 11, 2013 because…

5,000 randomly-selected students will be receiving an email from with the subject line of
‘TRU Needs U…Please Complete our Health Survey and Be Entered to WIN a 0 Cash Prize’

Please note that this is a legitimate email and the email is a letter of invitation to complete a 20-minute health survey.

This survey is very important so that TRU can learn more about the health and wellness needs of students, so that we can ensure we are properly addressing these needs.

Also, approximately 20-30 other universities and colleges across Canada are also administering the survey this spring, so students have a chance to be a part of national health research.

The survey is completely confidential, and has been approved by the TRU Research Ethics Board.

Once you have completed the survey you will be entered to win a 0 cash prize.

Have any questions about the survey, please contact Chelsea Corsi, TRU Wellness Coordinator at or 250-828-5010.


The poster above was created by TRU Wellness.