Mindfulness Meditation and Mental Health – news article on CBC’s THe Journal

Mindfulness Meditation and Mental Health – news article on CBC’s THe Journal

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  1. Anna Zumwalt says:

    Great video!

  2. nanaimoto1 says:

    I think the video eventually makes it clear that the chocolate is
    incidental to the exercise. The point is that participants were using the
    chocolate to focus on all five senses intently. If you haven’t tried
    mindfulness meditation, you should! I find it helpful, personally. There
    are years of research showing it can help for stress and all kinds of other

  3. Bhikkhu Pannadharo says:

    I’m pretty sure it wasn’t at all about the chocolate. It was more about
    being mindful. Practicing keeping the mind on the chocolate. On the flavor
    of the chocolate. On noticing the chocolate melting. Where it spreads. But
    mostly, an exercise on keeping the mind on one event rather than
    everywhere. Being mindful of the chocolate. Being aware of the chocolate. I
    wouldn’t be surprised if this instructor used other objects rather than
    chocolate during a meditation session.

  4. waltom72 says:

    about time sci/med caught up to meditative practices! More meditation
    instead of popping pills might lead to more peaceful means to alleviating
    so many illness w/less harmful side effects.

  5. jaworskij says:

    Meditation has absolutely nothing to do with chocolate. The CBC just chose
    some offbeat meditation session to make it sound quacky. A video like this
    would cause someone who is interested in spiritual practices not to find
    out more. This is just one reason why I no longer watch CBC News. It’s the
    opposite of my beliefs… And they hyped up too much the “war in
    Afghanistan” “the war in Iraq”…