Georgia Health Insurance Exchange News

Georgia Health Insurance Exchange News

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    To stay in compliance with the LAW you don’t have to go through the
    Obamacare website a.k.a. the Government Marketplace or On-Exchange to get
    insurance. Don’t be misled by the media. Contact a professionally Licensed
    Insurance Agent in Georgia.

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    News about the Marketplace Exchange in Georgia – Since October 2013 you now
    have another way to buy health insurance. Prior to that, you had many ways
    of purchasing your health insurance such as directly through an Insurance
    Agent, or online through many health insurance internet sites, through your
    employer, or directly through an insurance company. The new offering, after
    October 2013, is simply an additional way that you can purchase your health
    insurance. It is called “The Marketplace” or the “Exchange”.
    It’s really not much different than going to the internet today and
    purchasing, while using one of the many existing internet sites, to get a
    quote and to compare the various insurance company offerings. The
    difference with the Marketplace (aka exchange) web site is that an exchange
    is built and operates by either Federal or both State and Federal
    governments, who work together to provide health care coverage under the
    new Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare.

    The Exchange can be used by anyone, but will mainly be used by those that
    are currently uninsured, have pre-existing conditions (mistakenly thinking
    the only way they can get health coverage will be through the Exchange),
    and have a family income of between 100 percent to 400 percent of the
    Federal Poverty Level. The Exchange will offer tax credits (subsidies) to
    those individuals who fall within the above Poverty Level guidelines.
    However, if your employer offers you affordable coverage and offers a Group
    Plan with minimal value (actuarial values that are consistent with the new
    Healthcare Reform Laws) you can still go to the Exchange to purchase your
    health insurance, but you will not be eligible for the tax credit or
    subsidy even though you may fall under the Federal Poverty Level subsidy

    Not all private insurance carriers will participate. – It is also worth
    noting that some of the insurance carriers will not participate in the
    Exchange, but will still offer their plans through your Insurance Agent,
    directly through the insurance company, or over the internet using today’s
    current internet sites.

    Challenges of the health insurance exchanges. – Using the Marketplace
    (Exchange) has become a challenge for everyone. The application process is
    complex and laborious and will require you to give up a lot of personal
    information to over seven different government agencies. This is highly
    recommended for those who have no insurance today but will have to secure a
    plan by January 2014 or face tax penalties, (this is known as the
    Individual Mandate), to go to a Licensed Insurance Agent and have the Agent
    help you make the following decisions:

    A. Is using the Exchange the most efficient and beneficial way for me and
    my family to secure our health insurance plan? If yes, than allow your
    Agent to go the Exchange with you and let your Agent walk you through your
    choices and help you select the plan that best fits your needs and budget.
    Your Agent will have *full access to the Exchange (*Agents that become
    licensed for the Exchange). There is NO COST to you for this very important

    B. Does it make more sense for me to either purchase my new plan or renew
    my existing plan using the traditional method of allowing my Agent to go
    “off Exchange” (meaning not securing your health insurance through the
    Exchange). If yes, than your Agent will secure you the most suitable plan
    the same way he/she works today. In summary, it is extremely important to
    use your Agent in helping you decide the best way to secure your Health
    Insurance Plan for 2014. Whether you are purchasing health insurance for
    the first time or renewing you existing policy, go to your Agent for
    advice. Your Agent will ask you a set of questions which will enable your
    Agent to make the right decision as to which gateway is best for you to
    obtain your Individual/Family or even small Group Plan.

    Our agents can walk you through the process and inform you on the best
    possible choice for your health insurance coverage.
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