Finding a job in Global Health

Finding a job in Global Health


  1. Emily Perez says:

    I am a Psychology Major (neuroscience concentration)/ premedical track and
    I have always been interested in wanting to get a minor in international
    relations due to the fact that I have always been interested in Global
    Health. I want to become a Nuero-pathologist and I was wondering where does
    neuroscience fit in all of this? Lastly, I want to thank you for posting
    such an informative video. ?

  2. Fadjar Wibowo says:

    Dear Dr. Greg,

    I am enjoying watching your youtube videos. I am shaping my future in
    global health field and predict that we might cross our path one day. I did
    an internship at WHO HQ in Geneva and now awaiting my master programme in
    global health at Karolinska Institutet.

    Once again, thank you for your brilliant initiative in sharing knowledge
    and experience in global health.

    See you when I see you.

    Fadjar Wibowo?

  3. Brittany G says:

    I think this video (and all of Mr. Martin’s videos) will really clear up a
    lot of confusion within the undergraduate and graduate community concerning
    GH. ?

  4. College of Public Health and Human Sciences says:

    Mini review of +Global Health with Greg Martin’s video by our very own
    Assistant Professor Molly Kile:

    “Good overview for those thinking about a job in Global Health @CPHHS I’m a
    big fan of the skill set route.”

  5. kanvij says:

    Is it not a waste of education as a doctor as some one in recruitment
    agency with an arts degree could have spent 15 minutes instead. What about
    world health organisation? Wonder what is the status of water and
    sanitation in terms of meeting millennium goals of 2015 including health
    educaton? ?

  6. Anthony Wallace says:

    wonderful video :). thanks for sharing your knowledge ?

  7. Deepak Kumar says:

    hi Greg. im a pharmacy student from India.1st of all my big question is
    …is there any role of pharmacist in major global health sectors?and 2ndly
    im willing to work in WHO ……i need to know some of the basic
    qualifications to work at if u can please suggest what u
    know…..ill be thankful to u…….coz theres a lot of fuzz goin on ..i
    mean the suggestions ive got were random..n im confused………?

  8. Cindy Lam says:

    Hi Dr. Greg, just wanna say thank for this informative video. I just
    applied to a Master of Public Health in Hong Kong and your video had given
    me a very good idea of what Public Health involves and what skills sets
    will be required from me.
    Thanks again!?

  9. Mercedes Diane Griffin Forbes says:

    I am thinking of transitioning my career to focus more on global health and
    this video was a great help. I have a history in HIV/AIDS and more recently
    I’ve been consulting in Agribusiness, which has gotten me more interested
    in nutrition and food scarcity, along with their related health impacts. My
    background is very diverse and the difficult thing is always how to weave
    it all together. Global health is definitely a niche that makes sense and
    feels right. I am looking forward to exploring opportunities and this
    video has given me a great starting point for focusing my energies.?

  10. Global Health with Greg Martin says:

    How to get a job in Global Health #globalhealth #publichealth