Finding a job in Global Health

Finding a job in Global Health


  1. Dirk Schroeder says:


    GREAT video! I have shared it with my Management in Global Health class at
    Emory University (Atlanta, GA).

    What software program did you use to create the video? I really like the
    live view of you with the “chalk board” behind.

    I look forward to our crossing paths someday.

    Dirk Schroeder

    Dirk G. Schroeder, ScD, MPH
    Chief Health Officer & Exec VP | HolaDoctor Inc
    Associate Professor of Global Health | Emory University
    Founder & President | Press 2 Health Equity Advisors?

  2. Klement Jaidzeka says:

    Thanks for the great video Dr Martin! I couldn’t have found it at a better
    time when I’m transitioning from hospital pharmacy to global health,
    probably Access to Medicines. Just started my mph program and your greatly
    done overview of how to go about it and the various avenues one can follow
    is a tremendous eye-opener for me.?

  3. Elhadji Mamadou Dioukhane says:

    Hi Greg this video is really helpful. However you have some french viewer.
    It will be better if you talk more slowly.

  4. Stephane Labossiere says:

    Dear Dr. Greg Martin, I am public health scholar and student at Columbia
    University. Can you please make a video regarding funding sources
    (Scholarships/Fellowships) for student interested in doing work in the
    global health space. Thank you! ?

  5. Navjot Singh says:

    Do both terms Public Health and Global Health means same thing!!!?

  6. Liana Dolbaia says:

    In this video, Dr Greg Martin talk about career opportunities in Global
    Health, including what organisations you can work for and what skills sets
    you’ll need. Finding a job in Global Health isn’t always easy but hopefully
    this video will give you a few useful pointers.?

  7. Fehmida Visnegarawala says:

    Thank you so much for this Excellent Video. I have the skills and subject
    matter expertise, but your video helped me to organize and market it much
    better. I really liked your idea of being “Independent Consultant”. ?

  8. Jessica Kraus says:

    Great video! Quick edit — there’s an S in JohnS Hopkins :-)?

  9. Rafi Puthanaveetil says:

    I am from Wayanad District , Kerala State , India.. i am an epidemiologist
    having social science background and with a Masters degree(Mphil) in Social
    Medicine and Communitiy Health from Jawaharlal Nehru Univerity, New Delhi.
    I am working as district epidemiologist with Integrated Disease
    Surveillance Project (IDSP) since 2009 June…One of my greatest wish is to
    have an international exposure in the filed of public health with
    preference to UN/WHO org… and other international organisations.. i had
    even applied to some, for which i was not considered. i may kindly be
    guided in this regard.
    thank you?

  10. Nikhilesh Ladha says:

    Hello Sir,
    First of all Congratulations and lots of thanks for the excellent videos. I
    was about to drop my dream of global health as I was not sure what to do
    next; but now, after watching your videos, I have a basic idea and a
    road-map. The path is no more that hazy as it was before. Thank you for

    I’m from India and currently in my last year of medical graduation which
    leads me to MBBS (equivalent to MD in US). But now what next after this? I
    was planning to find a residency in family medicine in US. Would that be a
    good option? Or should I do specialization here in India only.

    Is MPH necessary to have a fine career or there are other options
    available? ?