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State Senator Joseph Crisco, left, welcomes to the podium Kèala Ott, a young patient with an emerging condition called Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strepptococcal (PANDAS), at a Capitol press conference. Senator Crisco’s Insurance Committee had just completed an Informational forum on PANDAS at which physicians and affected family members reinforced the need for standardized testing, diagnostic procedures, and insurance coverage for PANDAS patients. (March 1, 2013)
children health insurance
Sarah Palin does NOT Understand “Special Children”!
After tonight’s final debate between Obama and McCain, I could not stand it anymore to hear cloying praise for Sarah Palin, (McCain’s Vice-Presidential running mate) as "understanding special children". GIve me a break, her "special needs" child is only 6 months old, most of these months spent without the direct care of his mother because she is off on her political crusade.

This is one of the worst examples of "morality" I have ever seen, to sacrifice the needs of your child for a higher purpose of political gain in a pursuit for office. I’ve had two previous political compositions that question the new "FAMILY VALUES" that the Republicans now espouse. Since the Republicans co-opted the term "family values", we now see just how malleable this rallying term is: just having a "challenge" in your family is enough to identify you as "understanding"???

Points about the health care crisis in America:

1. That ,000 credit McCain proposes for a family towards purchasing health insurance assumes the family is wealthy enough to have the other ,000 (average health insurance plan for a family) to SPEND on health insurance.

2. Oh, does the family have a parent employed in a company that still provides a health insurance plan?

3. The full ,000 health plan covered by an employer that provides it is TAXABLE income. Thus, if your salary is ,000 a year gross pay, you will now be taxed on ,000 gross pay.

4. The McCain plan will do more to guarantee that fewer American companies will provide health insurance coverage.

5. The folks that do not NOW work for an employer that provides a health insurance plan are still SOL (sorry outta luck).

6. The idea that a family can just go out and find private insurance when a family has a family member who has a "pre-existing condition" is ludicrous. In the 12 years my family had NO health insurance because NO private insurer would cover us, my family had to stay at or below Poverty Level in order that my one son could have Medicaid.

7. The average plan in the few states that have health insurance for those with "pre-existing conditions" costs currently 0 to ,000 per month. So, how many families in this situation have that money to spend on health insurance?

8. That point about "taking your health plan with you" when you change jobs or change states when you move? Sure you can do this, only your premium skyrockets.

And finally, to my final frustration over the "sympathy" given to the Palin family for their baby with Down Syndrome: every educator and medical professional knows that the best chance for a positive future for a child born with a disability depends on the early years. There is no substitute for the care and nurturing a parent gives to this child from the start. Mrs. Palin has abandoned her five children in the pursuit of political ambition and is even using her family situation as a positive slant on her ability to understand the American people. Let me tell you I for one DO NOT ACCEPT this sick praise for Sarah Palin. It was offered tonight by both Obama and McCain and it is the last straw for me.

BTW, let’s see how well Palin’s family is doing in the next years when she is out of office, out of her current insurance coverage, and the cute baby has more obvious needs and challenges. This message has been brought to you by a mother of a child who still averages about ,000 per month for medical expenses after 29 years. Let the politicians ask ME to advise them on health care coverage and on the need for early childhood education and what needs to be fixed in American public schools. My son graduated from high school with a diploma because of the advocacy and hard work of he, his parents and his brothers. And it was very hard work, at great, great personal sacrifice to us all.

children health insurance
Healthy Me Bicycling
Donghyeon Lee, 10 years old, 5th grade, Bellflower, CA, "Healthy Me Bicycling"

My neighbor, who is a 5-year old little girl, has had heart problems since birth and in pain frequently, but she isn’t able to get treatments for her heart because she doesn’t have any insurance to cover it. Her father is here studying and can’t afford to buy insurance. Whenever I see her, I feel sorry for her… I’d like to become a doctor and help the poor. – Donghyun Lee, 5th grade, Bellflower, CA