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male call
some of the humans i know in real life know that i work broadly in the sexual health arena. one of the groups i am affiliated with is conducting a survey of men’s sexual health, so i came up with a couple of images for them to use in getting the word out about the study. the concept and design work are mine, as are the hands and other body parts, and the shot was taken by a friend on, of all things, a cellphone camera.

what is malecall, and who should partcipate? malecall is a national, bilingual study that aims to recruit six thousand men for a confidential, toll-free telephone survey. potential study participants can call 1-855-846-MALE (6253) to confidentially and anonymously take the survey. the lines will be open until the end of january 2012. hours: 10am to 1am monday to friday, noon to 8pm on weekends. you can also look them up on facebook, and the team is smart, engaged and very easy to talk to.

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364/365 – NZ Health Survey
I took part in the NZ Health Survey today
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Check your email for invite to take health survey
The following is from TRU Wellness…

The TRU Wellness Centre is asking that TRU students check their myTRU email accounts on Monday, March 11, 2013 because…

5,000 randomly-selected students will be receiving an email from with the subject line of
‘TRU Needs U…Please Complete our Health Survey and Be Entered to WIN a 0 Cash Prize’

Please note that this is a legitimate email and the email is a letter of invitation to complete a 20-minute health survey.

This survey is very important so that TRU can learn more about the health and wellness needs of students, so that we can ensure we are properly addressing these needs.

Also, approximately 20-30 other universities and colleges across Canada are also administering the survey this spring, so students have a chance to be a part of national health research.

The survey is completely confidential, and has been approved by the TRU Research Ethics Board.

Once you have completed the survey you will be entered to win a 0 cash prize.

Have any questions about the survey, please contact Chelsea Corsi, TRU Wellness Coordinator at or 250-828-5010.


The poster above was created by TRU Wellness.